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Personal Training can help by providing you with that extra attention, support, confidence, encouragement, and guidance needed to achieve your personal goals: weight loss, body tone/definition, increased fitness, or just feeling the benefits of a healthier life style. In your training sessions we will guide you by personalizing your workouts for the week, helping you with nutrition, fitness testing, monitoring your progress, and providing detailed reports on every aspect of your health and fitness.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

We understand that not everyone is an athlete and catering to the general public is just as important as our athletes. At GTP Fitness, we will ensure that you get the very best from each workout, making your time more efficient and fun.


No matter if your fitness goal is weight loss, toning, strength training, or just a boost of motivation and encouragement Personal training can offer numerous benefits not only for your health but for your new and Healthier Lifestyle!


From a Regular exerciser to a more Advanced exerciser/athlete ...Personal Training is the answer for YOU!


Gavin T. Pardoe


One on One

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