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Why Should I have a Personal Trainer?


1. If you are a new Exerciser - You will benefit from the experience and gain the knowledge to feel confident and safe in a new environment, ensuring you are taught in the correct way.

2. If you are returning to exercise - The safest and quickest route to matching and exceeding your previous fitness levels.

3. If you have seen a plateau in results or motivation - This can often happen when routines are not changed or progressed in an effective way.

4. If you are a mature exerciser - We can help with heart management, flexibility and strengthening in the safest way.

5. If you are a sports enthusiast - Performance and focused exercise programs will take your specific needs to a new high.

6. If you are in rehabilitation - A link up with physiotherapists can strengthen injuries. Inactivity will not help to strengthen an injury.

7. If your simply looking for fun!- Motivation, partner training, new ideas and fresh challenges can make all the difference in reaching your fitness goals.

 What is a “typical” session like?

Each session begins with a warm-up to prepare the body for exercise. 

After the warm-up, the  role is to create a program specific to your goals and ensure each exercise is performed correctly and safely.  After a few sessions you will  learn a bunch of NEW and FUN exercises! Constant education is a key to Personal Training and prepares clients for their future success.   All the benefits of an exercise program is carefully created to meet your own goals.

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