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Testimonial #2

Gavin possesses all the qualities that I am looking for in a trainer.  From the first meeting, I could tell how dedicated he was to his profession and how knowledgeable he was in the field of physical training.  He is very personable and friendly so he is not intimidating for someone like me who is older and not in the best physical shape.  He offers challenging workouts and is able to direct me in the proper way to do the exercises.  Gavin often demonstrates an exercise before I actually do it so I know what the proper form should be.  Gavin is motivating and encouraging and makes me want to push myself to maximize each workout.  I would not hesitate to recommend Gavin to anyone that is looking for a trainer who will challenge and motivate.                -Georgina

Testimonial #1

Quote from a client: "Gavin is the best personal trainer with whom I have ever worked. Because I am not someone who likes to exercise, finding the motivation to go to the gym is challenging. Gavin conquered that challenge with workouts full of variety and encouragement. He pushes me to do more than I ever imagined possible, and I find myself really enjoying the benefits of being stronger and beginning to look forward to my time in the gym. As a trainer, Gavin is extremely knowledgable, dependable, and patient- in a word: awesome." -Jill


Here are some of my comments from my clients!
Testimonial #3

I am currently a member at the Evangelical Hospital fitness center.  I have multiple sclerosis and confined to a wheelchair. Gavin is always extremely helpful and friendly.  He has modified some of the equipment for my special needs.


Working with Gavin, has not only increased my physical strength, but my self confidence. Gavin cares very much about my safety and encouraged me in every way that he can. He celebrates my victories that I achieve, whether in weight loss or my fitness lifestyle. I greatly appreciate all that Gavin has done for me and am so thankful for all the time and effort in helping me to achieve my goals now and in the future.





Testimonial #4

I have trained with Gavin for almost 3 years and find him dedicated and hard-working.. Gavin continues to change my work-out programs so nothing becomes standard. He will incorporate his own suggestions , as well as any ideas you may have. ..If I feel a bit tired from cardio, or stiff, Gavin will take the time to stretch to avoid any injuries.  He is always asking what my goals are and finds ways to help me achieve them. Gavin challenges me, yet gives praise and encouragement. He is one of the most positive people I know. Gavin makes my training a rewarding experience and I recommend him for anyone wanting to better their health and their lives.


-Darcie S. 

Testimonial #5

"Gavin is a consummate professional. Highly skilled at training, but also as to the intricacies of body physiology. He has a keen understanding of each individual's needs and injuries and carefully adapts constantly interesting workouts to that individual. He is kind, always a pleasure to be around, and makes working out his personal mission he lives by and also inspires his clients to make fitness and health the same priority. I highly recommend Gavin to anyone looking to revamp their health!" 


Abby I.

Testimonial #6

For the past several years, it has been my good fortune to work with Gavin.  He is very knowledgeable about his profession and what aspects of physical training is appropriate for senior citizens.  He
Is very sensitive to the needs as well as abilities of his clients. He is always well prepared for the sessions and keeps excellent records of the activities of the program. He has had a lot of good training and is always looking for new information in his chosen area.  He has a genuine caring personality and has been a good friend to me. I am moving to Mississippi and I am certainly going to miss him and his sessions.


Earlene B.

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