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GTP utilizes advanced exercises for development of static and dynamic proprioception. These exercises are performed on unstable surfaces such as balance boards and discs, air pads and stability balls, and other forms of functional training methods to develop body control.

Mobility is developed through dynamic stretching exercises that incorporate movement, postural control, flexibility, and body awareness. This type of training is an integral part of the performance enhancement program that is too often ignored or performed improperly.

Most athletes can make significant increases in their performance alone just by improving how they warm up and stretch. Our program targets the areas of the hips and hamstrings, usually the tightest muscle groups in athletes of all sports and levels.

GTPFITNESS offers specialized training under direct and constant supervision. We are literally with you every step of the way for every drill. We emphasize positive coaching techniques using clear verbal and visual communication. Our "hands-on" instructional methods provide maximal training effect and program success.


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