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Speed and Agility

In order to increase speed and agility, one must first learn and master proper movement mechanics. Speed training includes form running exercises and drills for acceleration. Agility mechanics include proper positioning of the center of gravity, understanding your base of support, and learning how to use proper footwork for quick and efficient changes of direction.


With proper training, every athlete can improve some aspect of their movement. This requires the use of specialized coaching, exercises and equipment that enhances the ability to move fast. Once the athlete has developed proper mechanics, specific drills are advanced by the use of weight vests, ankle/wrist weights, resisted and overspeed sprint cords, pulling sleds, and sport-specific drills for reactive speed and balance. Along with increasing speed and agility, workouts are also developed to enhance sport and position-specific conditioning.


GTPFITNESS offers specialized training under direct and constant supervision. We are literally with you every step of the way for every drill. We emphasize positive coaching techniques using clear verbal and visual communication. Our "hands-on" instructional methods provide maximal training effect and program success.


Training Tips

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